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Advancements in modern medicine have best owed upon mankind, immense benefits by way of opportunities for early diagnosis and effective management appropriately and timely. Today hospitalization and management of a patient is a very complex interplay involving many departments which have to work in synchronization in order to ensure optimal benefit. Significant advances have been made in modern medicine and the same has been made available to the patients to relieve them of the suffering caused by illness. Never the less, patients uniformly all over the world would like to be out of the hospital as quick as possible once the treating doctor declares them fit for discharge. It is a common experience that the process of billing and completion of formalities before a patient leaves for home is not only time consuming but sometimes frustrating.

With all the latest software in billing and security in place ensuring the security of patients information. REQS has the right people, rich experience, latest technology and the necessary infrastructure to provide Health care strategic services to US Healthcare Industry.

REQS business solutions provide you the option to convert the discharge and billing process into a scientifically managed entity, where the patient would go home satisfied making his experience in the hospital more meaningful. Hospital billing is much different from the conventional billing procedure, since many departments are involved in managing a patient at the hospital and all parameters have to be recorded live and recalled at the time of discharge,the most valuable data required for calculating the financial cost,that is individualistic to each patient.

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