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As the business grows to a faster pace data that is to managed also increases in volume, and there is a need for data processing and management which is to be carried out in a time bound manner. This business process can be appropriately out sourced by organizations aiming at operational efficiency while at the same time, saving time and money.

Health care data entry is a precision exercise demanding accuracy and based on projects specifications and client requirements,

REQS uses the latest technology to provide quality services.It is imperative to make a note of every information about the patient commencing with chart details, daily appointments, account information, insurance, details of claims, admission history, diagnosis, physicians comments, bills, and reimbursement history. While doing so our dedicated team of professionals understand the importance of confidentiality and being trained in the matters of security and HIPAA compliance.

At REQS we can capture, digitize from various sources such as paper, books, emails, images, web platforms, hard copies and more. We are the experts to work in both electronic and hard copies which will, in turn, simplify your data processing tasks and the improvise on the overall functional aspect of your organization.

REQS as a highly professional health care back office services company offers data entry solutions for a wide range of patient records.

The medical data entry services team at REQS ensures that the sensitive documentation tasks are carried out on time and with zero errors.

Our Strong Points at REQS

  1. Appropriate maintenance of patient records with quality health care.
  2. Data entry in the shortest turn around time.
  3. Dedicated Account Managers at REQS handle your accounts while you can concentrate on your core competence areas of your organization.

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